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This is not your typical teen novel with vampires and werewolves.... There are no humans in this tale, but instead we get mice, otters, foxes, chipmunks, and pirate foxes. There is a very detailed mythology of the Darkwoods which gives depth to the plot and characters. The Princess Zuryzel is a strong willed character that female readers will enjoy reading about, where as male readers will enjoy the war scenes. Adults will like the imaginative narration from the eighteen-year-old author and the fantasy aspects of the story. Pasadagavra is a fast-paced sequel that is just as good as the first book, Darkwoods. I recommend all readers to give the series a try.

Billy Burgess, book reviewer (Full Review)

I just loved Pasadagavra! Darkwoods was exciting, and Pasadagavra continues the story with lots of action and adventure. It has a great story with lots of real-life hard choices which the characters have to make - something teenagers understand. Way to go Ms. Stahlfeld! Keep it up. I can hardly wait for book three!

Jennifer Age 14

Pasadagavra is a fantastic read! The characters have indivdiual personalities that strengthen the story and keep the exciting plot intact from Darkwoods. I could hardly put the book down!

Andrew, age 13

It reminds me of Narnia melded together with the Lord of the Rings. It is a great war of good verses evil. And like in all wars, not everything is as it seems. Those you think are with you actually have their own agendas. Those you think are your enemy, may not actually be...This is a great series for middle grade age kids especially or even for those of us that enjoyed Narnia. With promises at the end that there is more to continue, I look forward to continuing this series.

Flora Bateman (Full Review)

As one's city hangs in the balance, one has to understand fast how to best win the day. Pasadagavra is the second book in the Darkwoods series by teenage writer Marta Stahlfeld as she presents a fantasy very much geared towards her age group as Zuryzel comes of age and finds the weight of the world thrust upon her to bring the support needed to save the Stone Tribe City. Pasadagavra is a read well worth considering for young adult fantasy and fiction collections, recommended.

Free Library The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf (Review)

Even if you haven't read Darkwoods, you will enjoy Pasadagavra. It is a great story for the family and animal lovers! The characters seem to come alive and jump right off the page. Don't miss this read!

Sydney, age 15

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