I, Muryda, have a story to tell you.

The story must not die out. It begins with the fatal illness of Oracle Scythe of the Darkwoods foxes. For many seasons, the Darkwoods foxes had been followers of the Serpent and under the influence of the Blight. But so far, they had not engaged in a battle of any size, thanks to Oracle Scythe, who, with her superiority and, I grudgingly admit, her great wisdom, kept the others from leaving the boundary of Darkwoods.

But as Scythe fell ill, fellow Oracles seized the opportunity to put different plans in play. In their quest for power, they chose war on all the earth, for they believed this would bring them great power. Scythe was too ill to stop them from waging war in the west, a story for another time. This story concerns the war in the east.

Many heroes arose in the east. Princess Zuryzel of the Wraith Mice, only daughter of King Hokadra; her twin brother, Prince Johajar; Tribeprincess Jaccah of the squirrel Stone Tribe; and, in a small way, Warriorqueen Wazzah of the squirrel Sling Tribe. And I must include the two river otter sisters Anamay and Danaray, who did not fight in the battles but worked as scouts for the armies.

Now I begin my story. The Wraith Mice, as well as other tribes and armies, had gathered at the home of the squirrel Bow Tribe, just east of Darkwoods….

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