"Pasadagavra is a fast-paced sequel that is
just as good as the first book, Darkwoods.
I recommend all readers give the series a try."

Billy Burgess, reviewer

The Fight to
Defeat Evil Continues!

Leaving behind a desperate war, Princess Zuryzel races to the coast, intent on bringing aid to her struggling army. On her journey to the sea and to adulthood, she will encounter friendship, betrayal, pain, and a secret she would much rather stay hidden. Through it all, Zuryzel knows that at the end of her journey she must face and destroy the might of Darkwoods that has laid siege to the great Stone Tribe city of Pasadagavra.

A myriad of questions await the Wraith Mouse along her quest. She soon learns that someone is pulling strings behind the war, and no longer are things as simple as they seem. One who knows the identity of the mysterious puppet master is a self deprecating pirate captain with uncanny sword skills and a mind too shrewd to be trusted. Zuryzel is determined to figure out the bewildering puzzle--but finding the answer may cost her someone she holds very dear.

As Zuryzel feverishly works to bring them support, the squirrels and mice defending Pasadagavra fear they cannot hold out against the onslaught of the Darkwoods Foxes. But as the battles rage, they learn the depths of their own strength and bravery. The struggle to defeat the loathsome and greedy evil that has crept across the world may cost their very lives, but they are determined to prevail.

"Pasadagavra is a read well worth considering
for young adult fantasy and fiction collections:

In this exciting second installment of the Darkwoods series, Stahlfeld combines wild action and fierce loyalty in an epic tale of a fight to preserve everything precious in the world. The intense story of good versus evil presents characters of honor and of depravity, all caught up in a vicious struggle. At the center is a princess learning to be a queen.

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Pasadagavra is a great sequel to Darkwoods!
The story continued with the same fabulous characters and more exciting action. Pasadagavra was a fun read
and went by too fast!

Andrew, age 14

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